I make sound, record it, and put it here for your consumption.

Last Man Standing (2:00min)

giant robots walk the earth
smoke is pouring from the ground
salamander flipping switches for the high commander
roaring cyclops staggers blind
smashing sheep upon the walls
the boulder’s wake will cast your bark
beyond the echoes of your laughter

last man standing
look into the past there’s nothing
look into the night this vacuum
step into the void we’ll greet you
look into the night not another man standing

vast concussions split the night
make your peace with missing god
the bursting voice of ancient eggs
the marbled tongue of ancient voice
the father’s curse upon the mother’s vault
of broken arms
and all the falling columns
of the last collapse of all creation

this is the time
for fang and fur are absent
when talking’s done and all have known

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